Monday, October 6, 2008

The Moon

Another experimental digital painting.

This is just an abstract idea of the full moon at night. I think the spiral is the way you can get lost in the idea of the night, the light of the moon is so much softer than the sun, it can pull you in. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, the results can be even more varied than the colors I've chosen for the 'pieces' of the moon.

I tried to keep a texture of brush strokes in the background so the sky wasn't too flat and plain - because the night is NEVER plain when you're in it.

The window frame represents my current perspective of the night, from inside watching it dance. I'm older now, and the crazy, abandonment of wisdom and rationality is gone. Wisdom and rationality are the widow panes, and the frame is my 'domestication' from the wildlife. This is not a regret, because the idea of the night is still framed in a place of attention and conveys the idea of beauty and magic. Rather, conceding the night to those full of wild abandon, whom the night is ultimately for. Though I'm not going to take part, I will watch, and celebrate, the dance.

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