Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some women get jewels - I get the cutest thumb drive in the world!!!!

This is my husband's response to my crankiness. Yeah, be jealous!

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A snow tupe

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dino Dance

I'm just getting real frustrated with my weakness in the area of perspective. This drawing is an attempt to start overcoming this shortcoming by using very traditional techniques in drawing.

The entire figure was created using cylinders, circle, and rounded cubes in black. Then when I had the basic thought, I turned the drawing upside down and created the outline in red over top the original sketch, along with some of the minor details. Then I turned it right side up again and filled in more detail and shading, converting the red line to black before exporting.

I feel that it's a step in towards the skill level I'm hoping to achieve (though it's still a hard pill to swallow that I'm working at this intermediate level at my age!).

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'One Size fits All' Illustration for client

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Giving away your Birthday

Robyn Bomar, and event designer from Destin, FL, decided to give over her entire birthday to performing random acts of kindness.  I extricated this fantastic list from her twitter feed - @mixmingleglow
So many GREAT ideas, I personal love the 'anonymous' ones.  Little 'kindness bombs' waiting to be discovered.

It's so easy to get fixated on how 'different' Robyn is from us, and thereby discount our own abilities to generate a little happiness where ever we go.  Read down this list, and consider it inspiration for your own random acts of kindness!


unloaded groceries for ppl and returned carts to store. Bonus: got a hug from sweet old man

paid next 2 tolls on bridge. Toll guy said u gotta be kidding me! :)

bought $15 publix gift card, turned around & gave it to the lady in line behind me. Almost cried @ her reaction.

donuts & thank u cards to police dept

warm krispy kreme donuts to cold power crew from working on the lines

prepaid phone card (100 minutes) to homeless person

sprinkled local playground with nickels & pennies for kids to find!

fed all the meters in Destin Commons

chased a runaway bday balloon in the parking lot & returned it to it's owner

hid 3 $5 gift cards w/notes behind books @ barnes & noble

read a story to kids in the children section of Barnes & Noble...parents appreciated it more than the kids!! LOL!

took a picture of 2 tourists in front of Hard Rock Cafe

bought coffee for lady behind us in Starbucks

took Mylar balloons to sacred hospital to be distributed

dropped off art supplies to labor & delivery @ Sacred Heart hospital for Family Waiting Room

gave 8 blowpops to children on the playground (parents permission first!)

handed out 16 hot chocolates at the ice skating rink

taped $1.25 in quarters w/ a note to 3 vending machines (wow cokes are pricey theses days!!)

pumped a lady's gas so she could stay inside her warm car

left quarters @ a laundromat. Wanted to fold some clothes too but the place was empty!

gave coffee to toll bridge operator. Least appreciative of the day. Might have needed it the most.

delivered hand written cards to assisted living facility from my girls, hubby & I

delivered cookies (not homemade, but they looked pretty on the plate!) to 2 neighbors we've never met.


PS - check out Robyn's Facebook page!  Every Tuesday Robyn posts a quick, simple tip to make your party just a little bit more special.  Last weeks tip: 
"Keep a can of chalkboard paint on hand (available @Walmart, craft stores, etc). A quick coat on just about anything (wooden napkin rings, small terracotta pots, sturdy cardboard pieces, glassware) will create a surface perfect for your guest's names at your next dinner party, as 
...well as menu cards, kids games, and party favors!"

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