Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Not Tired

I made this crazy picture after my little sister wrote on my Facebook wall at 5:30 am Sunday morning.

I'm trying to produce more these days, because practice makes perfect you know. I'm learning that my biggest block is fear. I don't think my work will be 'good enough' so I don't do any.

Impatience plays a large part in that. I want to my illustrations to be perfect within three or four pencil strokes. I figure, if you're REALLY good, that's all you need. Maybe it's a sub-conscious symptom of laziness.

When I was young, people told me I had 'great potential'. But that's all I they ever said, and that's all I've ever had - potential. I don't know how to realize that 'potential'. It's like practising for the Olympics, but once you're there, you don't even compete. I know I can win a gold in a thing or two, but if I never try, I'll never FAIL. The 'dream' is never broken.

Anyone want to offer some advice?


David said...

I like it! It instantly reminded me of your avatar, so its a recognized style. Beyond practice, I suspect nothing is more important than life experience that others can identify with. Keep producing and sharing!

Juul said...

Like the picture. I feel like that a lot of days. It reminds me of coffee and work.. just my 2 cents

Behzad said...

When we desire perfection, we find it hard to RESPECT or LOVE others. We can never attain this desire. Nothing is PERFECT. So we create disillusionment and the desire for something better, when we may already have the best we can achieve. ACCEPTANCE, can therefore be a powerful force in creating good Karma. Your friend crazy wabbit.

Kristen said...

Hey, thanks for all the feedback.

David, it's cool to know that I'm developing a style. There's some comfort in developing creative consistency - but to guard against stagnation.

jessica s marquis said...

this entry really spoke to me. i find that i get married to goals & end up stunting the PROCESS to them -- which ends up killing the whole thing. by recognizing that getting to the goal is the adventure (& the real goal!), i can set myself free to expand on my potential. let's agree to not be perfect together. :)

J.A. Howard-Gibbon said...

Those eyes really speak to me. Remind me of having to cram for something or other!

Kristen said...

Jessica -

As always, thanks for the feedback!

I remember years ago watching an episode of 'Home Improvement' of all things. The next door neighbor was telling one of his sage advice stories, about a young boy in a small African tribe who wanted to honor his teacher. He walked three days to the ocean, and then walked three days back to the village. When he returned, he put a small bag of sand in the hands of his teacher. The teacher asked him what was the meaning of the gift, to which the boy replied 'the sand doesn't mean anything, the GIFT is the journey.'

That has always suck with me, making me take the time to enjoy the PROCESS of creating, as much as the end result.