Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Updates

Two fantastic things happened this week.

1) 'Dandelion Wind' got accepted into the South Beach International Animation Film Festival.
This is my first legitimate film festival, so I'm REALLY excited. The hope is to start generating 'buzz' for our animation, and to get accepted into more and more festivals.

2) We received our first residuals check for 'Love Your Enemy' from Worship House Media! Apparently in February, 31 people loved the animation enough to pay for a download! (Probably my mother!) It feels really good to be 'validated' like that.
Hubby was surprisingly unimpressed. When I asked why, he replied that the knew all along that one day this would happen, and he was a little cross that I was so surprised that it did. He get's frustrated when I finally realize something that he's been telling me for months and months, as if I never listen to him. My only defense is that after all, he's married to me and HAS to say nice things about me and my work! He usually walks away at that point...

Great news, and some good solid steps forward in this animation career.

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