Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Animation Blog!

As if there aren't enough blogs about animation out there!

What makes this one a little different is that we'll be focusing on 2D animation. '2D' stands for 'two dimensional' like Bugs Bunny, or Lion King. 2D animation is traditionally hand drawn, frame by frame, in a laborious process that is incredibly time intensive. Computers and digital editing software makes the process much smoother, and not as time consuming, but it's still a labor of love.

We'll be posting updates on the business of animation - what are the big studios doing, and how are the independents surviving. Also, tips and tricks on how to make your own animated videos or films, and then how to get your work to the masses.

Join us in the fun, and we look forward to your comments, and your work!

PS: If you would like to contribute to this blog, email me - sknygrydg07@yahoo.com



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