Monday, May 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes - How you get to Wombats

Watch, Rank, Fave, and Share 'Three Wombats' on Aniboom

I have to admit, I had no idea we were going to make wombats.  It was all Dan's idea.  But, if he hadn't come up with it, we never would have gotten off the ground.

I had heard of the Aniboom / Sesame Street Animation Competition back in March, but honestly was so intimidated by the idea of working for my 'white whale' that I couldn't settle on one story and move forward.  In the midst of weeks of research, Dan Belleville came to me wondering if we were working on any projects he could write music for.  I told him what I was laboring over, and asked if he could come up with some lyrics or something to help us get started.

6 hours later we had wombats.

Wombats were perfect.  They weren't the traditional 'barnyard' animal (I'm reminded of the Simpson's episode where Lisa is showing animal flash cards to Maggie).  They were cute and cuddly, yes, but different enough to make our animation stand out from the hundreds of other submissions.

I started developing the character designs right away and Dan began fiddling with the bassoon (another winning choice!) to see what we could get.  That was around April 14th.  I forwarded the 'script' off to the infamous Oliver Darrow and he said he would be happy to be a part of our little project.  Oliver came over around the 20th to record the track, and we were off and running, with Kassandra Fry (College for Creative Studies grad) working crazy hours at our kitchen table.

We settled on the concept by on the 11th, tracked on the 20th, and uploaded at midnight on the 26th.  All in all, we got everything done in two weeks - an IMPOSSIBLE time frame I wish never to repeat.


Up next:  'The production process.' or 'How to really piss off your friends when your stressed out'

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