Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting Wombats to Sesame Street, via WXYZ

Earlier this week, I posted an animation up onto Aniboom as a submission to their recent contest.  If you follow me on Twitter (@sknygrydg07) or Facebook I'm sure you've heard about it.

The contest is an animation competition to work for Sesame Street.  The most popular animations receive $5,000 and are reviewed by a panel of judges - including Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris.  The judges then select the grand prize winner, who receives another $5,000 and the opportunity to work on future animations with Sesame Street.

The day after our 'Three Wombats' animation was up, we hit #2 in the ranks!  I was amazed, to say the least.  We spread the word around and my good friend, Stephen Clark at WXYZ Detroit heard about what was going on.  So, we did a little Skype interview, and our story was broadcast on Friday on the 7:00 news.  You can see the story here.

I am so overwhelmed by the showing of support from not only our friends and family, but the community at large.  It's like everyone needs something to get behind these days, the 'underdog' to root for, and this is a good a story as any.  All my life I've wanted to work for Sesame Street, and it looks like now might be my chance.  Thanks to all the people who like Sesame Street, and wombats.

Watch, Rate, Fave and Share our animation submission 'Three Wombats' to the Aniboom Awards for Sesame Street: 

And thank you, for your support!


Coming Up: Ever wonder how animation is made?  Next blog post, behind the scenes of 'Three Wombats' and the team that put it all together - in under 2 weeks!

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