Thursday, August 6, 2009

Being the older brother #tls09

Do you think God 'owes you' because you are a religious person?

 How do you handle critisism gives a clue to where your definition of 'self' rests. If your self image is based on your own definition, or a world based definition, you will respond passionalty in defense or in self abasement to critisism. If your self image is based in God's eyes, then your response will be appropriate.

 You can't stay angry at a person unles you think you're better than them! The older brother was so angry at the younger brother, that he wouldn't come into the banquet. It's a way that we say 'these are all the ways that I'm better than these people. God, you owe me!"

 Until you look at the things your doing 'right' (to have control over people), you can't have true repentence. You think you're doing God a 'favor' by following him. True repentence is deeper than just acknowledgment of sin.

 People go into ministry for their own salvation - in order to do 'great works' so that all know how good they are. And then, God OWES them their salvation.

 It cost the father 1/2 of his estate when the younger son left - everything given to the younger brother when he returned was actually owed to the older brother. And the older brother was so bitter about it. He wasn't a TRUE older brother - who's responsibility is to keep the family together no matter what. He was selfish and had inflated opinions of his importance, his 'goodness'.

 Actually, Jesus is what the older brother should be!! A true brother to be our advocate, to save us at the cost of his life.

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